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Sometimes I forget that this blog is inside ¡HOLA! “Fashion” and why we bother with fashion is because we want to beautify our body. Interesting subject since there are so many prejudices about the body and which is the correct way to address it. About a year ago I was lucky enough to be included in a course that took place in the University of San Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid.

I´ll never forget how the course began. We were seated in a classroom when the speaker projected two pictures onto the whiteboard: one picture was of Hugh Hefner and the second one was of Pope Jean Paul the II.

The speaker then asked what both of them had in common; needless to say we were all dumbfounded by the question and nobody raised their hand. Finally the speaker spoke: “During the 70´s decade both men discovered simultaneaously there was nothing WRONG with the body.”
Obviously this epiphany was developed differently… Hugh Hefner went along and created the Playboy empire while Karol Wojtyla (who had just been named Pope) struggled to publish his book on “Theology Of The Body.” Continue reading

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