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Extraordinary words for extraordinary women

HELLOOOOO my luvsssss!!!! I recently discovered a wonderful article regarding new alternative names that we could actively use to define woman. Generally speaking, the words we use today, “lady,” “babe,” or “girlfriend”, are so vague that they fail miserably to capture a woman’s depth and complexity. It is about time we expand our vocabulary in favor of those wonderful feminine characters!!! It is no secret that women have been viewed

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Sincerely me

HELLO my luvs!!! Today I would like to officially introduce you to my blog´s news design 🙂 Since a long time ago, I have been wanting to transform this “digital diary” into a more useful space. My primary goal is that many women actually feel identified with the different topics I address, and that they find helpful many of the tips I provide. After all, life is about transforming, growing

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