A photoshoot for your pet

HELLO my luvssssss!!!!

If you have a pet, you know exactly how we feel about them… They become joyful members of our family from the first day web bring them home. As for me, I have always had dogs… And they still have a special place in my heart… Sometimes I look back and I would like to have more photos, more printed memories to laugh on. For that reason, I decided it was now time for Haru to get her first photoshoot. I hope you like the results of my classy yet cheerful model 🙂


Taking pictures of animals is very difficult… They move, distract, get nervous, and so on… It is very important you choose a photographer you feel comfortable with and that knows exactly what to do.

In my case, I was lucky enough to endeavor this journey along Santos Román, a wonderful pet photographer that knows exactly how to capture each pet´s genuine expressions, delicate features and curious personalities.

Haru and I ended up enjoying a wonderful and efficient session. Long lasting photoshoots are boring for people, imagine for pets! They rapidly loose interests and become unhelpful models. It is very important that you start the session explaining to your photographer your pet´s personality, that way he will know how to make “work” look like a “play date”.

For those of you who constantly ask me about Haru´s personality, I have to say that I am lucky enough to have a well-balanced, sensible, respectful, and loving girl. She is peeeeerfect and I am in love!!! But, it is not mere coincidence… I actually did a lot of research until I found Mónica Majoral from Hayato Kumi, a responsible breeder that takes very much into consideration personality traits. It is very important you are responsible for the breed you choose and consequent with his/her training, that´s my best advice 🙂

Please take care of these loving creatures. They all need our constant care and love, but most importantly, they deserve to be respected.

I not invite you to take a look at my beautiful model. She is proudly wearing colorful and chic “Maclaud it dogs” collars (www.maclaud.es) while posing with the typical Shiba Inu dignified look…

Let´s begin!


Covered in feathers 🙂


John Lenon style!


“Bohemian chic”



My screensaver 🙂


My favorite necklace




With the artist and the model!

I hope you enjoy Haru´s photoshoot as much as I did! I already have her in my portraits, screensavers, photo albums and so on… It is definitely an ever-lasting memory 🙂

In the meantime, I will see you again next week 🙂





Photographs: Santos Román



Necklace: Maclaud it dogs




Breed: Shiba Inu

Breeder: Hayato Kumi Kennel (Monica Majoral)



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