No more fire

HELLO to everyone!

I usually use my Blog to portray beautiful pictures and fun topics, but this time is different. Today I would like to create awareness in order to prevent tragedies like the fire that took place in Sierra de Gata some days ago. This time it was not the “power of nature” the one that rebelled against us, it was the “human hand” the one behind this catastrophic event. For that reason, today I beg to all human beings: “please, no more fire!!!!!!”


I can assure you that the images you are about to see are not even close to the feeling of standing in front of a whole scorched mountain. Confused with tears, anger and lots of powerlessness I decided to take a tour in order to visit all the effected areas. What I found was a “moon tour” where there was no life to be found…


Perales, Hoyos and Acebo were the three towns affected, but others like Villasbuenas de Gata and Trevejo were only a few kilometers away from the terrible fire. It was not only the humans who suffered this terrible tragedy, since there we countless pine, olive and oak trees burned down to ashes in the almost 10,000 hectares affected.

Animals were also part of this tragedy. Sheep’s herds died in the middle of the uncontrollable fire. At the same time, cows, donkeys, horses, dogs and pigs tried to run away from this certain death. Unfortunately not all of them succeeded…

The consequences of this disaster will follow us for many decades… Many years need to pass in order for the fields and forest to bloom again. Of course, if the “human hand” does not intervene again…

It is our responsibility to demand governments to clean the forest in winter and remove all the fallen branches in order to prevent the summer fires. That is why they say “we can only fire off the forest in winter”. I can assure you that the areas that were kept clean did not burn down. There was not enough material to be consumed and those few trees survived in the middle of the inferno.

I do not want to point fingers at anyone because that will not resolve what already happened, but I hope these pictures motivate all human beings to help. We have to demand governments to keep our forest clean, help the affected people in case of fire, actively contribute by assisting during the fire, provide home for the affected people and animals, and so on. There is so much we can do!!!!!

As my last petition, I am BEGGING you NOT to forget Sierra de Gata. It is now the time to visit the area and actively promote tourism. It is only us the ones that can help restore what other destroyed.

And now, take a look at these terrible images. There is no Photoshop or filters added, this is the sad reality…

Our facilities from @TurismoEcuestre at Villasbuenas de Gata are available for all the affected people and animals. We already announced it on our social networks, but I want to emphasize that we are here for you. I will be reading your comments in case we can help in any way!

I will see you again next week!


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